The Scientist's Son
Entry for the CharacterDesignChallenge October 2023
The monthly Character Design Challenge hosted by Character Design Quarterly is a great opportunity for Character Designers, Concept Artists and Illustrators to share their vision of a specific theme with as well with a supportive online community of likeminded artists as well as a broader audience. With October's theme being "Mad Scientist", I went with the classic, delving into Mary Shelley's father-and-son-drama "Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus". I had a lot of fun with my research and enjoyed looking for ways to subvert the archetypes and well-known tropes of the original as well as of the popcultural adaptations.
Text in the black box reads as follows:

"After all these years, the experiment was finally successful! The old scientist achieved the creation of life from dead bodies. Yet, confronted with a newborn life, it's procreator did not shy away from the responsibilities that came with it. And in a mind filled with the secrets of physics, chemistry, anatomy and so much more there was still some room left to explore the uncharted regions of fatherhood. Together, with trial and error, love and forgiveness, the eccentric old man and his firebrand son forged an unusually wholesome relationship. 

Until the old man died. By quite unnatural causes. 
So now the son is setting out to find who or what killed his father and to bring him back. By quite unnatural means."
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