Moody Character Illustrations
Ever since I flipped through the pages of a "Hellboy"-Comic in middle school, I was fascinated by the wood-cut-like aesthetics, the heavy shadows, the mystical themes and dark figures that sipped from every page of Mike Mignola's work.

Experimenting with this kind of style early on, I somehow enjoyed the bold blackness relentlessly drowning lush amounts of sketched details and hours of 3-dimensional pre-construction. It taught me to focus on what is important to read a picture, a scene, a character and what is not (and how much secondary detail is allowed – as a treat) and how to stay playful during the entire process.​​​​​​​
Due to the gritty aesthetic and the comparatively short time this kind of illustration takes me to do, it was only natural that no small amount of the images presented in this collection where done in my times as a game master for our pen&paper roleplaying campaigns that were, more often than not, placed in dark fantasy settings like Warhammer, the Witcher or Symbaroum.
Other art pieces are for actual roleplaying publications or private commissions
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