Boardgame illustrations for a swashbuckling voyage through the Galaxy of Nest
Battling the dreaded Void Kraken, just another day in the Galaxy of Nest.
In Talon Quest by 8six4 games players take on the role of an adventurous individual to travel the galaxy, explore strange planets, do some questing, fight epic monsters, level up, loot magical weapons, quest a little bit more and collect powerful Talons to defeat the Evil Space Wizard. The setting feels like a beautiful mix of your fondest D&D-memories and Disney's underated 2001-released gem "Treasure Planet".
A selection of playable heroe... enterprising individuals of adventurous origins, ready to embark on a perilous journey and save the galaxy of Nest.
I was commissioned to illustrate everything from characters over monsters, weapons and wizards up to the ships players can gain if they solve specific quests. I enjoyed the artistic freedom the studio gave me so I added some details that hint to some of the character's (or any other subject's) backstory and invite to speculate about those. These ideas were well-received and thus a vivid exchange started resulting in new additional characters (like a mysterious ronin frog person that cut off poor Kallus' hand) and official character backstories.
Many terrors lurk on  those mysterious planets called the Elseworlds. The biggest and meanest of them guard the sought-after Talons and are a valued component in weapon crafting.
The remaining members of the Parliament of Owls plan to save the galaxy by using the Talons, while Strix the Fallen does not.
The legendary weapons the Elseworlds hold for those who are daring enough sure are worth the effort.
Infamous bands of pirates stalk the void. If you beat them in a fight you can lay your hands on their mighty vessels.
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