Illustrations and Maps for an adventurous RPG of Swords and Whiskers
A party of adventurous rodents discussing the best ways to enter the Rusty Red Monstrosity
Mausritter is a Pen&Paper Roleplaying Game where players take on the roles of adventurous mice exploring a big world that does not look down kindly on those who are low on the food chain. Yet, if they are brave and witty enough to survive the perils and stripe those strange places of their bounty, our daring rodents might even be considered the heroes of mousekind.
As if the life of a mouse was not hard enough, there is also magic - and foes knowing how to wield it
"System Matters Verlag", the German publisher of Mausritter, not only translates the english source material but also works together with different authors to publish their very own adventures for all mice to experience. I had the joy to not only illustrate the grim dangers of the world and the cute yet brave heroes facing them but to also draw the maps of the areas the players will explore. Due to the nature of the different settings, the maps were, unlike most dungeon maps in rpgs, drawn in a 2D sideview.
An old smoker grill full of secrets, dangers and loot. Our heroes will need all their brawn, wits and luck in the adventure "Das rostrote Ungetüm"
Even System Matters'  booth at SPIEL'23, the world's greatest boardgame fair, is not safe from enterprising rodents
In the promo adventure for die SPIEL'23 games fair, "Die Jagd nach dem Käsewürfel", the party has to face many perils until they can lay their hand on their prize: the legendary Cheese Dice!
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