Character Concept Art

EOS- Island of Angels is an engine building boardgame for up to five players by King Racoon Games. In a world, where the seas are ruled by the crustacean Demon Lords and their abyssmal underlings, brave crews set sail to the lost island of EOS to reawaken the former Guardians, giant petrified Angels, to bring the world back in balance.
During development, the game went trough many stages. From each player drafting their crewmembers of different classes (Captain, Warrior, Treasurer, Looter, Navigator) to build powerful combos on their journey up to choosing a specific faction with a pregenerated crew load-out.

I was hired from the early stages on as character concept artist, providing ideas and designs for Felix, the studio's Lead Artist, to turn into pieces of rendered in-game art. Since EOS is located in a rather classic fantasy world that is twisted by it's conflict between maritime Demons and less-classical Angels and the nautical setting the game takes place in, the designs should range from condensed archetypical fantasy classes to the outright weird, bizarre and specific.
From fantasy archetypes like rogues and rangers over egg-focussing wizards to quarreling fungus people living on the respective feet of a wandering giant, EOS features a diverse cast of characters.
Faction Design: Lavaloan

As worldbuilding and game design went on, characters were designed as parts of a whole a faction instead of loose individuals. My final assignment was the conception of the Lavaloan faction, a coalition of several splintered islands, inhabited by quarreling clans of varying species. Aside from wearing masks, Lavaloan as a faction should be tied together by low-key celtic/norse paganic vibes.
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