Hidden picture puzzle for young detectives
The setting is the anniversary party of an observatory. There are a lot of guests visiting the different exhibitions and the buffet, but who of all would be able to steal the sun?
In "Die drei ??? Kids – Der gestohlene Stern" the three Investigators are invited to the local observatory's 200th anniversary, when suddenly the famous singer Siggi Stardust vanishes and with him a very old (and valuable) model of the sun. What happened? Where is the model? Who is the culprit?
Players will have to puzzle the pieces together (quite literally), investigate the scenery and follow the clues to solve the case.

The game is concepted and published by "KOSMOS Verlag".
There are many scenes to investigate, all of them telling a little story, some leading to clues to solve the crime
Single illustrations for the booklet
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