Characters of all Lines and Shapes
My personal collection of character concepts and illustrations

Being a 2D character artist for some years now, and a passionate tabletop-roleplayer for quite a few more, thinking about new characters and daydreaming about their goals, quirks, flaws, powers and what sets them apart takes up a considerable amount of my free time.
This work-in-progress book collects my favorite character ideas, endues them with appropriate illustrations and the love they deserve and will, when it's out, hopefully entertain and inspire fellow roleplayers as well as authors, artists and other creatives.
For now, the characters are very loosely tied to the genre of generic fantasy (yet easily converted to any other) to be applied and tailored effortlessly to more specific worlds and settings. As much as I enjoy tropes and archetypes, I always strive to surprise myself as well as the recipients. By combining those archetypes and tropes with elements of history, mythology and everyday's life, then merging, twisting and subverting the hell out of it, I create something oddly familiar, yet fascinating and original.
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